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Our innovation and designs change the way communities live, both locally and globally. Risoli Planning and Engineering, Division of AI Engineers, Inc., is a multidisciplinary engineering firm in Greenwich, CT. With an emphasis on leadership and collaboration, our talented team of engineers, planners & surveyors work hard to deliver high-quality solutions for your development needs.



  • Value Engineering

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  • Land Use Planning and subdivisions

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  • Wetlands Applications

  • Hydrological Studies

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  • Sea Walls and Coastal Area Management

  • Road Design and Topographic Surveys

  • Septic Designs

  • Construction Management & Supervision

  • Dam Design and Reconstruction

  • Bridge Design 


CAM Application

25 West Way
25 West Way

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25 West Way
25 West Way

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25 West Way
25 West Way

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Wetlands Application

68 Butternut Hollow Road
68 Butternut Hollow Road

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68 Butternut Hollow Road
68 Butternut Hollow Road

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68 Butternut Hollow Road
68 Butternut Hollow Road

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Planning & Zoning Applications

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185 Clapboard Ridge - Full Set_Page_01.j

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Letters from Clients

Joe, thank you very much for representing us last night at the Wetlands Hearing and obtaining approval. Going in we were somewhat apprehensive b/c of all of the horror stories, but as soon as you began your presentation we knew were we were in great hands.

Peter T. DaPuzzo

I know that we are all very happy and relieved that we received approval from Greenwich Planning and Zoning for the Khichadia special permit application. There is still some minor tweaking to be done on the driveway but before too much time passes, I want to thank you for your help. You were always responsive when I called upon you, and especially so in the days just prior to the meeting, when we had to scramble to get our ducks in a row.

Dinyar Wadia
Residential Architecture of Distinction
134 Main Street
New Canaan, Connecticut 06840

Thank you for your expertise, your ability to evaluate the overall situation and your ability to communicate very complicated information in an understandable way. I am pleased to be working with you.

Jane D. Hogeman, Attorney at Law
Johnson, Kristoff & Hogeman, LLP

21 Sherwood Place
Greenwich, CT

Joe I want to second Tomoko's comments as to all of your support. You did a great job with the jury yourself doing an excellent direct presentation for us, and then you handled yourself with restraint on cross so that they could not score any big points against you. Yesterday you helped with much good ammunition to go after xxxxxxx. Having that one page of the manual with your highlights gave me some real confidence to go after him on what he considered the strongest part of his opinions and as it turned out thanks to you it became one of the weakest points of his analysis. Thanks again and I stand ready to give you whatever you need by way of references for future cases.

Peter M. Nolin
Sandak Hennessey & Greco, LP
707 Summer Street
Stamford CT 06901-1026

"I just wanted to write to thank you for the excellent job you did yesterday during our meeting. With two other engineers there, the pushy lawyers and nephew of an abutter, and a somewhat adversarial lawyer who was previously trained as an engineer, you did a great job in cutting through the unimportant details and coming up with an innovative solution for stormwater recharge. To have us solve the problem for everybody else was really something to see."

Dwight H. Merriam
Robinson & Cole LLP, Hartford, CT

Thank you and all the folks at Risoli for the outstanding job you did for as in getting the P&Z application submitted today. I can assure you that the Stemerman's are delighted as well.
As I mentioned to John, Chuck Mulligan was highly complimentary towards Risoli Engineering and the quality of your work and of the people. I found this to be highly unusual and unexpected comment from someone at Town Hall! I think your strong reputation with P&Z can only help us in getting our approval - well done.

Rick Raskopf
Rick Raskopf construction, LLC

"As you may know, I have been designing a building homes and small commercial buildings for more than twenty years. In that time, I have had opportunity to work with many structural engineers, none of whom was more professional and knowledgeable than Joelvito N. Villaluz, P.E.. Joelvito combines a clear vision of the structural demands required of the building with an intimate knowledge of materials and methods. His structural designs were comprehensive, timely and understandable to all members of the construction team. I hold Joelvito's skills in the highest regard and can recommend him without reservation. Please have perspective clients call me, personally, regarding the outstanding structural design services which Joelvito provided for my firm."

Michael W. Tranfo, AIA
Friday Harbor, Washington

Thanks to everyone for their outstanding efforts. We are very appreciative. From my review of the legislative calendar we appear to have submitted to the town prior to any laws being passed. Let's hope the wording of the legislation continues to work on our behalf. But without your tremendous efforts we would not be in this positive situation today. Thanks again.

Mary Margaret Mallat & David Deck
Greenwich, CT

Many thanks for your most recent thoughts and review.

Your excellence in handing my situation will long be remembered. You have clearly increased the value of my property. In essence, you converted what real estate experts viewed as a negative to a significant plus.

All of the above, however is surpassed only by the tremendous amount of goodwill you have created these past several years. As a native of Greenwich, the high esteem in which you are held by town agencies and commissions is readily understandable.

At every opportunity, I shall give your firm the highest possible recommendation.

With much appreciation, 
John B. Lowe, Jr.
Greenwich, CT

Thanks mainly to you, the project to control land erosion on the above premises by raising the original seawall and constructing an additional one, was completed according to schedule, according to your original blue prints, and without any setbacks.

Please know that both this organization and Mr. Mayo Larkin, our architect, were impressed by your credentials and your obvious expertise from the outset and felt that with you at the helm of this project, we could overcome any inherent hurdle. We were right.

We saw your dedication to details and accuracy from the take-off of the project: in planning, survey requirements, in your drawings, your efforts in procuring the Permits from the City of Rye to proceed with the construction. Then we saw you accomplish all the engineering timing, precession and supervision later required for the completion of the project.

My staff and I are particularly grateful that we always felt comfortable that we would get a satisfactory explanation from you on any facet of the project that was unclear to us. We are indeed thoroughly delighted with the outcome of the project and are immeasurably pleased tat we were fortunate enough to have had first-rate engineer who not only demonstrate his knowledge and experience in this field but also showed excellence in implementation and organization of a project which potentially may have been troublesome.

Please fell free to use our name as a reference whenever necessary and be assured that whatever we need engineering services, you will be hearing from us.

E. Eikerenkoetter
Senior Vice President
United Christian Evangelistic Association

This letter is written to enclose a copy of the Connecticut Supreme Court's decision on the appeal we took after Judge Tierney dismissed the action.

As you can see, the Supreme Court found that in fact we did have standing, and that the legal theories used to justify dismissal were not valid.

I wanted to send a copy to each of you because your hard work and support were vital in the case that we put on.

I hope this finds you well. Please accept my best regards.

Edward V. O'Hanlan
Robinson & Cole LLP, Hartford, CT

Dear all,
well its taken me a full day to catch my breath after monday nights stunning presentation. you guys were(for lack of a better and less coloquial word)-AWESOME! really the professional and confident detailed ease with which joe and jay made their presentations was informative on one level, and pure theatre on another... and i would be remiss if i did not mention the fact that you should be very pleased that neither susan boyle or myself, did not make any wisecracks,laugh out loud, scream or -stand up scream and then faint. good on us susan. again thank you all for your very hard work and truly amazing presentations.

Anne Miller


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